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Guaranteed power supply system for railway stations   

The power supply rack is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply to the MPC and control circuits for switch electric drives.

Benning equipment of the ENERTRONIC I series is used as guaranteed power supply systems for MPCs.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the rectifier and inverter of the new ENERTRONIC I UPS series are built on IGBT transistors, which makes the source very reliable and very economical. When using the new technology, it is possible to achieve input CM values of ≥0.99 and input THD <5% without additional filters.

The combination of a 16-bit microprocessor and the latest developments in electrical engineering is responsible for the operation and monitoring of all rectifier, inverter and static bypass systems with the highest reliability.

The exceptional characteristics of this series of inverters ensure the minimum range of dynamic voltage deviation even when the load changes from 0 to 100%. The inverter has built-in static and manual bypasses.

The power supply system guarantees autonomous operation of signaling devices for 1 hour.

The power rack comes standard with RS232 and RS485 interfaces, each with support for the MODBus protocol, as well as a power-programmable analog output that allows remote monitoring of the power system.