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Visit of the Republic of Uzbekistan delegation   

On February 20-23, 2012 M/s RWA was visited by delegation from Uzbekistan. The purpose of visit of the Uzbek colleagues was a comprehensive study of development and experience of implementation by the RWA of control systems of trains traffic of the subway and railway transport. Delegation consisted of representatives of services SIL (signaling, interlocking, locking) of customers the industrial enterprises and the railways of Uzbekistan, and representatives of the companies – partners of RWA in the republic – JV JSC Uzelektroapparat – «Electroschit» and Schneider Electric.During the visit delegation attended the objects of RWA and surveyed the operating MPI at railway stations and the subway, and it was also provided a presentation of design solutions of the company in the field of automation of control systems trains traffic. Representatives of SIL services of customers gave special attention to principles and approaches of RWA  in building up of systems, the contents and filling of the design documentation.The Uzbek colleagues deservedly appreciated the modern systems of electrical process routine control of RWA, innovative design solutions of the company and its experience in upgrading of operating and construction of new systems of automatic control and supervision.Representatives of delegation made the official minutes of visit in which was marked. an interest of the Uzbek side throughout the dialog, and also it was expressed the confidence of feasibility of implementation of systems of RWA production in industrial and mainline rail transport of the republic.