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M/s RWA participated in Techno-economic council of Moscow Subway Direction   

Technical and economic council with involvement of representatives of the subways and hardware manufacturing companies for transport branch took place in Moscow Subway. The Ukrainian developers of control systems of train traffic were represented by M/s RWA.

Main topic of meeting was train traffic separation. The achievements in this area were presented by the largest foreign and Russian hardware manufacturers, such corporations as: Siemens, Hyundai, Bombardier , JSC «NII TM», Federal State Unitary Enterprise «NIIP», JSC «MIR»,  «Detsima» LCC.

The RWA company was the only Ukrainian enterprise presenting the technological solutions in the area of implementation of systems of interval regulation.

At meeting the deputy director of the company Andrey Gumenny reported about RWA developments. Andrey Gumenny presented the experience of the company in implementation of microprocessor systems in the Kiev and Kharkov subways, and he especially emphasized a row of thorny questions which are put by maintenance of such hi-tech product before the customer. It is a question of economic and information security of systems, including protection of systems against external invasions, insider attacks, a human factor.

The outcome of Technical and economic council was the decision to create the working group for preparation of technical specification on upgrade of Moscow subway.