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Seminar “Solutions for industrial automation and production management”, Kharkov, November 10   

Schneider Electric, a global expert in energy management and automation, and Wonderware, a global market leader in software solutions for real-time operations management, invited to participate in a jointly organized automation seminar – “Solutions for Industrial Automation and Production Control”, which took place on November 10 in Kharkov.

During the seminar, specialists from Schneider Electric and Wonderware offered their solutions in the field of building complex automated process control systems from control and monitoring of actuators to management of the enterprise as a whole. A comprehensive solution allows you to create an enterprise automation vertical with a set of all the functionality necessary for its activities:

  • Automated process control systems (PLC/SCADA) – for managing technological operations;
  • MES systems – for managing production processes (class of shop-level control systems);
  • ERP systems – for enterprise resource planning (strategy for integrating production and operations, human resources management, financial management and asset management);
  • OLAP systems – for analytical processing in real time of summary (aggregated) information based on large amounts of data structured according to a multidimensional principle.

Thus, using equipment and software from Schneider Electric and Wonderware, complex solutions for industry, transport and service enterprises can be implemented, which are successfully implemented by Railwayautomatic.

The chief engineer of the project A.N. Pilipenko took an active part in the seminar. and head of the design department Renkova E.V.