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Welcome to show bench of M/s RWA at «ElectroTrans 2012» exhibition   

RWA will participate in 2 nd International Specialized Exhibition «ElectroTrans 2012» 14-16 of May 2012, in Moscow, VVC (All-Russia Exhibition Center).

Already two years in raw the exhibition «ElectroTrans 2012» attracts managers and experts of municipal public transportation companies, suppliers of rolling stuff, products and services for electric transport means from Russia and near abroad countries.

M/s RWA  at this event will present information technologies and telecommunication equipment in field of automation of traffic control systems of subways and mainline trains.

Experts of RWA  will present detail information about technologies of implementation  of integrated automatic systems of traffic control and share their own experience of performance of similar projects in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries One of these is microprocessor based system of routine control of subway stations. Up to day similar system of MPI built up on base of state of art microprocessing devices has no analogues at the CIS territory.

Special attention will be rendered to presentation of innovated routing control systems, which are elaborated and manufactured in series by company in compliance with technical specifications and modern requirements for operation of railways and subways.

Dear Friends you are welcomed to visit our show bench and put the questions of your interest to experts of company.