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SHORT DESCRIPTION Experimental research of the Second Component of the Electromagnetic Field.   


Experimental research of the Second Component of the Electromagnetic field.

Project RWA:  R&D on the second component of EMF
Research and development work on the second component of the electromagnetic field.

A constantly growing consumption of energy resources requires  more  active reinvention of existing data related to the electromagnetic field as the most fundamental, convenient and widely applied principle in all fields of electrical engineering. The analysis of existing theoretical and practical data of the field theory description mainly the electromagnetic field was carried out. Artificial calibrations and mistakes were found. The condition where the canceled second part of the electromagnetic field allocates fully was stated. Experiments demonstrated that this component does not interact with iron filings, but interacts between one another specifically with a conductor by which an electric current and gravity flow. The main purpose is to test theoretical data in practice. To achieve the stated above purpose, a laboratory machine was engineered and assembled, thereby allowing testing physically all theoretically grounded and modeled data.

Analysing options of science and technology development, there are two ways of further development:

  1. To continue perceiving existing tendency of mindset development;
  2. To view the electromagnetic field without artificial calibrations in terms of physical meaning and general field theory.

The first option is well-known, understandable and requires significant investments. It is complicated, vague, put into the plans and can be implemented within a few decades.

The second option is less susceptible due to the situation in fundamental science, which occurred in the beginning of the 20th century, and is not obvious and not considered in the scientific environment.

But it can be implemented within one year and with less investment under certain conditions:

  1. The presence of traditional and theoretical basis which allows recognizing existing calibrations is AVAILABLE;
  2. The alternative theoretical frameworks of the electromagnetic field aimed at analysis capabilities is AVAILABLE;
  3. The set of experiments confirming the alternative theoretical frameworks is AVAILABLE;
  4. The modeling and visualization of theoretical frameworks is AVAILABLE;
  5. The documented practical implementation without theoretical framework is AVAILABLE;
  6. The laboratory machine for testing is AVAILABLE;
  7. To upgrade the laboratory machine in order to conduct higher quality experiments is FEASIBLE;
  8. Allocation of funds to continue researches is FEASIBLE;
  9. The complete change of consciousness and mindset is not NEEDED;
  • The contradiction of basic physics, electrical engineering and mathematics is ABSENT.

THE EFFECT is accessible, brand new environmental technology which expands capabilities of humanity significantly due to the following factors:

  1. Possibility to describe the electromagnetic field mathematically;
  2. Significant emission reduction of harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  3. Conscious awareness of physical meaning of gravitation;
  4. Possibility of a brand new principle concerning movement in space;
  5. Possibility of further development and research of the effects discovered.

DISADVANTAGE is that at the first stage it is hard to restructure strong links ingrained in knowledge, to change the existing perception of the world and principles of skill usage.

CONCLUSION.  Nowadays, in present scientific interpretations, the second component of the electromagnetic field is absolutely ignored even equated to zero. Humanity cannot develop actively until it opens its eyes on the full formula of the electromagnetic phenomenon and its physical meaning. It is obvious that without careful consideration of the field theory according to Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and Daniel Bernoulli, it will be definitely pointless to continue following vicious circle not having possibility to escape.

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Date of publication, electronic version

Date of publication:

January 26th, 2023

Electronic version:

rwa.ua/en/stati/, 2023

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