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Training and training complex for controlling the movement of trains   

Author: V.V. Gaievskiy, Director of LLC “SPE “RAILWAYAUTOMATIC”

Article for the international technical and economic magazine “Ukrainian Railroad” №1-2 (55-56) January-February 2018.

To improve the quality of knowledge of railway personnel and students of railway educational institutions, it is advisable to use training and training control systems – simulators, which, as a consequence, contribute to improving the safety of train traffic.

Improving the quality of operation of technical means is impossible without changing the approaches to technical training not only for the staff of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” but also for students of profile universities. Existing methods and training programs, unfortunately, do not always meet modern requirements. This applies not only to specialists in signaling and communication facilities, but also to the personnel of the transport economy. The European practice has proved the expediency of the use of training and training complexes of control – simulators…

Read the full text of the article, you can click on the link: “Ukrainian Zaliznytsia” №1-2 (55-56). You can read other numbers on the journal’s website.