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Microprocessor axle counter system   

The microprocessor axle counting system (MP ACS) is intended for operation as part of railway automation and telemechanics systems in industrial transport to control the vacancy/occupancy of track sections of any complexity and configuration using the axle counting method, for any type of train traction. MP ACS is recommended for use when it is impossible or economically unfeasible to use rail chains due to low ballast resistance, the use of metal sleepers, contamination of the surface of the rail heads, etc. The system can be used as part of all existing railway automation systems at stations and stages. MP ACS can be used for autonomous traction, electric traction of direct and alternating current, electric heating of switch points and ALS. It can be used both in new construction and in the modernization of existing station automation devices.

Composition of the microprocessor axle counting system

The upper level provides the human-machine interface of the station duty officer with the MP SOO system. The upper level hardware includes an automated workstation (AWS) and an artificial recovery console (ARС).

The automated workplace of the chipboard performs the following functions:

Display of track development and status of track sections;
Perception of operator commands (false busy reset);
Display of diagnostic information;

The IRP performs the following functions:

Displaying the status of track sections;
Perception of operator commands (false occupancy reset).

Mid-level hardware includes a control and monitoring cabinet with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and software.

The PLC complex with software performs the following functions:

Collection and processing of information coming from all counting points of the system;
Processing and execution of commands coming from the automated workplace of the DSP or PIV;
Control and monitoring of the state of the linking relay;
Diagnostics of system components;
Generation and transmission of control and diagnostic information to the upper level.

At the lower level there are counting points (CP). Each SP includes: a floor electronic module (FEM), a rail sensor (RS) with a mounting kit, and a power supply unit for the counting station BP. The rail sensor detects the transition of the rolling stock axle.

NEM performs the following functions:

Taxiway power supply;
Processing signals from RS;
Determining the number of signals from taxiways;
Determination of the number of axes, direction and speed of their movement;
Diagnostics of RS operation;
Transfer of control and diagnostic information to the PLC.