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Microprocessor supervisory control   

Microprocessor dispatch control (MP DC) is an integral part of the computer train traffic control system and is a hardware-software complex (HSC).

Designed to create a condition monitoring system:

  • Individual units and devices of automation, telemechanics and communications;
  • Train movements, vacancy and occupancy of receiving and departure tracks, block sections of hauls and crossings;
  • Conditions of entrance and exit traffic lights of stations;
  • Providing information to any subscriber of the MP DC network: train dispatcher, shift engineer of the signaling and communication distance, station duty officer, electrical center electrician, locomotive depot dispatcher, etc.

The object of automation is stations and sections of the railway equipped with electrical centralization, automatic blocking, power supply devices, communications, etc.

The MP DC system at a remote distance, from one automated dispatcher workstation, provides:

  • Prompt notification of device malfunctions;
  • Fault prediction;
  • Simultaneous monitoring of the operation of a large number of signaling devices located over many kilometers;
  • Transfer of information to service personnel in real time;
  • Maintaining protocols of operation of automation devices and personnel actions (“black box”);
  • Display of train situation;
  • Reception of messages and exchange of information with the road computer center;
  • Identification of moving objects and their tracking within the controlled area or node;
  • Maintaining train schedules;
  • Automatic voice notification of people working on the tracks through railway warning systems;
  • Automatic notification of passengers about the arrival, passage and departure of trains in the area of passenger boarding platforms;
  • Registration of telephone and radio conversations with the ability to listen to recordings for 1 month or more.

The use of MP DC allows you to increase traffic safety due to:

  • Constant monitoring of the condition of signaling devices and the actions of the chipboard;
  • Determination of pre-failure states of devices, violations in their operation and immediate notification of maintenance personnel about this using sound alarms and “pop-up” windows;
  • Enhanced monitoring of the condition of the most critical or any selected components and elements of signaling devices;
  • Analysis of emergency situations and the process of their occurrence according to the “black box” data. The convenience and simplicity of dispatch control, which is provided by the DP DC
  • system, allows you to simplify the functions of the dispatcher as much as possible and quickly obtain the necessary reliable information from the controlled objects.