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Subway station automatic control system   

An automated station operation control system is a software and hardware complex with expanded functionality that provides centralized control and operational management of the operation of plumbing and ventilation devices, as well as lighting devices of the corresponding metro station and adjacent sections.

ASURST is built on the basis of a distributed network of microprocessor controllers.

ASURST provides automatic registration of telesignals and telecontrol commands, logging operator actions and events for subsequent analysis.

ASURST allows you to significantly reduce the length of control cables

We use commercially produced industrial equipment and software from the world leader in electronics production – Schneider Electric, which is widely used in automated control systems for transport, energy, industry, data collection and processing centers.

To develop PLC algorithms, the UnityPro development environment (Schneider Electric) is used

When developing software, standard programming languages approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) are used in accordance with the IEC 61131 standard.