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M/s RWA took part in meeting of the International Association «Metro»   

ВLeading RWA experts participated in meeting of principals and experts of services of a signaling and communication of subways of the CIS countries making part of  Association «Metro» which took place on October 19-21, 2011 on the basis of PE «Kharkov subway». Questions of implementation of microprocessor systems of automatic and communication, providing trains traffic safety and safe transportation of passengers of subway were considered at the meeting.Among participants were representatives of 11 subways of the CIS from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Azerbaijani Republic, and also the Ukrainian and Russian manufacturing companies of automatic systems and communication for subways.During action participants marked the main tendency of branch i.e. if earlier the question of requirement and feasibility of implementation of MPIs systems was a subject of discussion of interested persons, now it any more isn’t the subject of discussions. Experts were unanimous that devices built on the basis of microprocessors can be the single way of development of automatic systems and communication in subway.Today more topical issue is the analysis of technical and process features of systems, the analysis of the positive experience of implementation of similar systems in subways taking into account experience of their maintenance.The positive experience of projects implementation was considered on example of operating automation systems of RWA production – microprocessor routing of switches and signals set by the company at stations «Kholodnaya Gora» and «Alekseevskaya» of the Kharkov subway.Participants of action visited stations examined the equipment, received options of exploiting staff about operation of systems.