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Laboratory of RWA provides tests of GE equipment   

Experts of RWA laboratory has started testing of track vacancy control systems based on GE axle counting equipment. In the nearest time, it is envisaged the start up of cabinet of axle counting system of General Electric make. Todays portfolio of design solutions of RWA contains several state of art systems of track vacancy control based on axle counting system, including ones of own make. Taking into account the considerable  innovative capacities of identical systems experts of RWA.Development scrutinize the experience and technical innovations of other manufacturers including world leaders. As far as the axle counting systems are not the unique solutions then each manufacturer offers its own technical approaches to their building, as well as set of additional possibilities of systems. Each of such offers is carefully studied by engineers of RWA in company laboratory. Today the object of testing is cabinet of axle counting system of General Electric make. The equipment of GE is widely applied on railway transport of the countries of Europe, GE approaches to creation of the modern systems of automatic equipment and supervision, and  possess the considerable potential and require further check and the subsequent implementation at the enterprises of railway transport of CIS countries. Stand tests of the axle counting system i.e. simulation of operation of rail circuits, simulation of an occupation of rail circuits, will result the start of the GE cabinet in laboratory. Similar tests will give opportunity not only to compare in action the capabilities of tacking of  process solutions of different manufacturers but also prepare division personnel of RWA.Construction to start up and commissioning works when starting of GE systems at Customer’ sites, and will reduce the time for set up of equipment.