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Implementation of information technologies is the way to reduce costs of industrial enterprises   

The possibility of break-even operation of the transport infrastructure of industrial enterprises, taking into account the presence of own vehicles, fluctuations in the volume of unloading / loading, the availability of a source of reliable information for making management decisions is possible only under the conditions of the creation of a unified information and analytical management system of the logistics processes of the company (IAUS LPK). The latter is provided by reliable information directly from the rolling stock, road motion sensors, information received from the Automated Cargo Transportation Management System of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC.

In modern conditions, this can be realized by expanding the list of classic functions of railway automation systems. This is primarily the logging and keeping of statistics of the movement of mobile units around the station – the creation of the so-called “car history” and “locomotive history”, archiving the actions of operational personnel, self-diagnostics of the automation system, providing operational and technical personnel with the most complete diagnostic information about the state of signaling devices, centralization and blocking (SCB).

Thanks to the already available developments of the RWA company, which for 5 years has been an active participant in the Industry 4.0 movement in Ukraine and a leader of innovations in the transport industry, the use of the “car history” provides an opportunity to organize and / or optimize the electronic document flow of industrial enterprises, to connect it with information and management systems of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” excluded the influence of the “human factor”.

This will significantly increase the efficiency of logistics processes and reduce costs associated with unproductive downtime of wagons on the access roads of industrial enterprises.

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