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The analytical review of “Landscape Industry 4.0 in Ukraine”   

The analytical review of “Landscape Industry 4.0 in Ukraine” presents the 2nd version of the landscape of Ukrainian innovators Industry 4.0. Its main goal is to align and consolidate the position of Ukrainian industrial high-tech society in area 4.0 in relation to the challenges of export and integration into global value chains.

Landscape Industry 4.0 in Ukraine




The analytical review is a super-important document that for the first time consolidates the positions of Ukrainian innovators Industry 4.0 and formulates our common challenges of innovation in this area in a global context, as well as in exports. Nearly 20 participants APPAU entered 76 new companies – innovators 4.0.

In this review:

  • 1. Introduction of 70 + innovators in 16 different segments of industry 4.0.
  • 2. Comments and interviews from 8 leading experts and opinion leaders.
  • 3. Analysis of the innovation ecosystem of the domestic industry 4.0.
  • 4. Challenges in exports, as well as development priorities for 2020.

Ukrainian technological landscape Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is presented in Figure 6, page 26.

Ukrainian technological landscape  Industry 4.0 whis applications is shown in Figure 8, page 31.

RWA is represented in the following segments:

– System Integration OT – IT

– Digital Twins

– Cloud Computing

– Cybersecurity

– Predictive Maintenance

– Remote Control & Monitoring

– Digital Desigen & Simulation

– Human – Machine Colloboration

The review will be useful not only for technology firms and industrialists, but also for a wide range of stakeholders of Industry 4.0 – officials, scientists, educators, donors and investors. Prepared by the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine “(APPAU). Adapted version in English is planned by APPAU by the end of 2019